BSA Anniversary

BSA advertisement brochure

This week marks the 111th anniversary since BSA started production of their first motorcycles: the 3.5HP models. Being new to the classic motorbike world, this was the perfect opportunity for me to look at the history of BSA and some of their motorbikes. So, with the help of our managing director Jon (a BSA enthusiast), several different books and the 1911 edition of The Motor Cycle magazine, I am writing this article for you to enjoy.

Engineer interviews - Mark

Having been part of the SRM team for just over two months now, I have gained some basic knowledge of classic motorbikes and the rebuild and restoration processes. I've come to see that the staff and engineers I work with are highly skilled in what they do and just as passionate about their bikes as our customers. Therefore, to better understand their passion, I asked them about their favourite bikes and the roots of their interest in the beloved classic motorbikes. This week I spoke to Mark, our parts specialist, about his experience with classic motorbikes.

Introduction of E10 fuel

As you may already be aware, the UK government has introduced the new E10 fuel into circulation this September. This is the new 10% ethanol petrol which aims to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in the UK.

Whilst the vast majority of petrol-powered vehicles can use the E10, you might be wondering what this change means for your classic bike. Read on to find out more.

E10 fuel facts

The E10 is already widely used around the world, and it highly popular in Europe, America and Australia. 

Winner of our Christmas prize Draw

Congratulations to Mark who has won our Christmas Draw. The bumper package of all the oils needed for your Classic bike will arrive before Christmas. Please sign up for our regular Eshots, there's always lots of great information and Special offers. Just follow the link at the bottom of the page.

SRM in Classic Bike Magazine

In the October issue of Classic Bike Magazine there is a series of SRM special features.We cover a Triumph triple engine rebuild, BSA A65 performance parts and an in depth feature on our high capacity oil pumps.


Now available exclusively from SRM are our own cold drop forged, heat treated Headbolt sets for the BSA A7 & A10 and the BSA A50 & A65. Bolts and studs in chemical black finish.


We have now extended our range of the popular billet rocker feed pipes to cover the Pre Unit 500cc Triumphs (5T, T100 & TR5).


We now have available a 750cc Big bore conversion kit. This is development of the DEVIMEAD kit but now with a Lightweight Alloy barrel and spun cast iron liners. The larger bore size provides more torque and in conjunction with our other tuning parts will increase the overall Brake horse power. Visit the WEBSHOP for full details

SRM feature in 'CLASSIC BIKE' magazine

The October issue of the CLASSIC BIKE magazine contains a special SRM supplement. Inside are reviews of the Best of British bikes and a series of 'behind the scenes'' features on SRM. There's lots about our SRM special products and how they are developed and made.


The FORDEN show this year was blessed with good weather all day (Sunday). The Show was very well attended with lots of vehicles of the 2  and 4 wheel variety. The Classic bikes on display in the main hall were of excellent quality and it was a difficult to pick an overall winner. Geoff presented the award to Len Ferneyhough for his Flat tank BSA. Many thanks to Richard Davys-Jones and helpers for organising this special event.