Martin, 2021

Keep up the good work

Tom, 2021

Used you for parts and 2 major rebuilds. Expensive but guaranteed quality. Skills that you provide are becoming hard to find. You rebuilt my T110 engine some years back and it is now in Wellington New Zealand with my son. Regularly used and running well.  Recent A10 gearbox rebuild yet to be road tested.

Dj, 2021

Thank you making parts for our bikes.

Malcolm, 2021

SRM have been a great supplier making it possible for me to restore my 1960 A10. The special parts are superb quality & well selected parts.
Just occasionally, I would have welcomed more technical support. Keep up the good work & I hope you will have a succesful future.

Ron, 2021

i think  your products are very good

Alan, 2021

thank you for the great trident engine rebuild and keep on restoring.

CJ, 2021

Keep up the good work.

Greg, 2021

Not needed to use SRM alot but have had excellent service and quality parts when I have.

William, 2021

I have found everything I have purchased from SRM to be of fine quality. My 1970 BSA Lightning has one of your oil pumps and it offers a reassuring idle oil pressure of 20lb at idle, with better than 10lbs per 1000 rpm up to pressure regulator limit of 60lbs with 50wt oil at 215 degrees F.

Louis, 2021

Thank God there are British companies, like SRM, who still made good quality products for classic motorcycles. You are doing a well done job.