Triumph - Pre-Unit - Gearbox & Clutch

Quality gearbox rebuilds on unit twin models with the 4-speed and 5-speed types. 

The gearboxes are stripped and assessed, and an estimate is produced for the work and parts required for the rebuild. All the individual costs are itemised. 

We replace worn gears, the sleeve gear bushes and the kickstart ratchet gear bush on the main shaft. In addition, the gearbox outer covers can be polished.



We can supply quality parts to rebuild and renovate your clutch and primary chain.

Where available, we advise using modern friction material in the clutch plates and fitting the SRM clutch pressure plate conversion (available on the webshop).

This will improve the engagement and release of the clutch. In addition, we can fit the primary transmission on the Unit Triumph with a modern style alloy clutch combined with a belt drive.