Norton Dominator / Atlas - Engines

SRM Engineering offer a Quality and Professional Engine and re-conditioning service

The standards for engine rebuilds are extremely high - giving you oil-tight and trouble-free motorcycling whether it be for road or competition.

Before we commence the rebuild on your engine, it is inspected for wear and damage.

An estimate is then compiled listing all new parts, engineering work and repairs required include a list of options such as exterior cosmetics and other useful modifications such as dynamic balancing, lead free conversion and tuning options.

All work is carried out to the best professional standard.




  • Sludge tap thoroughly cleaned
  • Regrinding accurately to size and specified radii
  • Best quality big end shells
  • Dynamic balancing to smooth out the vibrations



  • Checked and polished but we would recommend NEW billet conrods
  • Failure of an old conrod will destroy the engine.



  • Colsibro valve guide fitted and sized
  • Hardened valve seats fitted to run on unleaded fuel
  • Norton exhaust thread repairs
  • Fin and thread repairs
  • Blasting and cleaning to restore the Original finish
  • Gas flowing and tuning



  • Bored to within 0.002” (thou) then honed to an exact size, within two tenths of a thou (0.0002”) tolerance,
  • Bore size is matched to piston dimensions for correct clearance
  • Bores are straight and parallel
  • Barrels are shot blasted and a high quality stove enamel paint before machining



  • High quality bushes are always used and can be made to size to accommodate worn shafts or casings.
  • New quality bearings and oil seals are always fitted.



All our engines are carefully assembled by fully trained engineers in a purpose-built, dust-free room with no machine tools present. This ensures the engine components and the partly assembled engines do not get contaminated.



We rebuild engines to be used, be reliable and give thousands of trouble free miles.

We guarantee the engine for a full 12 months of unlimited mileage.