Engineer interviews - Mark

Having been part of the SRM team for just over two months now, I have gained some basic knowledge of classic motorbikes and the rebuild and restoration processes. I've come to see that the staff and engineers I work with are highly skilled in what they do and just as passionate about their bikes as our customers. Therefore, to better understand their passion, I asked them about their favourite bikes and the roots of their interest in the beloved classic motorbikes. This week I spoke to Mark, our parts specialist, about his experience with classic motorbikes.

  • What is your favourite classic motorbike?

"I love Triumph & BSA's from the 1960's to the 1980's. I am also a huge fan of classic Kawasaki's & Suzuki's. "

  • When did you become interested in classic motorbikes?

"I have always been interested in bikes in general but my interest in classic vehicles was really stoked when I started working at SRM Engineering in 2016."

  • How many classic motorbikes do you own?

"I own 1978 Triumph T140 (pictured) and a 2003 GSXR 1000."

  • What makes classic motorbikes unique?

"Classic bikes are special to me because they provide a way more engaging riding experience. I prefer the raw sound and feel of the older bike over the more refined feel of a more modern bike that utilizes a lot of electronic controls and 'rider aides'."

  • How do you take care of your bikes?

"I take care of my bikes by meticulously keeping on top of maintenance and keeping them running as often as I can. I think most classic vehicles thrive with regular use. In my opinion, leaving them standing for long periods of time does them no favours."

As Mark has recently moved, I asked him about the process of getting his motorbikes transported to the new location.

"Transporting bikes can be a tense time, so I try to make sure I have all the equipment I'll need ahead of time, such as a good ramp, loads of ratchet straps, a bike stand if possible and plenty of rags and cushions."

Mark acquired his Triumph in 2019 and has been working on it ever since. Most recently, he had his wheels custom built by the SRM workshop. 

"I had the opportunity to watch Jon build the wheels. It was interesting to watch the master at work, it would've taken me forever to do myself as its really intricate."

As I progress my work with SRM, I hope to learn more about our engineers and their work and passion. I find their work fascinating as it keeps the older British Bikes alive for future generations to enjoy.